Asana Through Body and Stars

Learn to teach by example with  Alana demonstrating asana for each part of the body from the head to the toe, in a twelve week series utilizing our 50 safe postures/asanas integrated with Vedic Astrology.

This course encourages students to better articulate, analyze, and develop practices for various structural and functional issues. Emphasis will be on safety and comfortably executed asanas, vinyasa karma (sequencing) and adaptation as well as the use of sound and pranayama, and the process of meditation.

Student Instruction Practicum

Practice group teaching in a safe and supportive environment. Knowing the benefits of the poses and how to properly warm up the body. 

 Selecting sequences from the first 12 sessions, each student will practice teach beginning in 5 minute, 10 minute, and then 15 minute intervals. Students will be considering contraindications and benefits of poses as well as offering modifications and the use of props where needed. This practice teaching will lead to a final 30 minute class.


For Final Certificate: Students must suggests modifications as needed; warm up all muscle groups and joints in beginning of sequence; use safety cues and modifications; identify muscles being utilized. There must be cueing to focus on the breath, stressing the importance “feeling comfortable in the pose”.

Part One

Asana Through Body and Stars

We will practice and explore safe postures/asanas integrated with Vedic Astrology. Over 12 weeks, students will dive into 60-minute sessions, selecting sequences to practice teaching during the Student Instruction Practicum.

Part Two

Student Instruction Practicum

In part two, spanning October to December, students engage in a Student Teaching Asana Instruction Practicum. Here, they practice group teaching in a supportive environment, mastering pose benefits, contraindications, modifications, and safety cues. The course emphasizes safe and comfortable asana execution, sequencing, and adaptation, incorporating sound, pranayama, and meditation processes.

Course Begins July, 2024