Asana Breakdown

In this Beginning Hatha Yoga course, we will explore 50 postures/asanas over the span of 30 hours. We delve into the anatomy and physiology of movement, learning to both practice and teach in a safe and inclusive manner, prioritizing comfort and stability. Through this journey, we investigate the safest and most commonly used asanas in Hatha Yoga practice. We meticulously identify the muscles engaged in each posture, discuss potential contraindications or health precautions, and explore modifications for individual needs. Additionally, we emphasize safe asana sequencing while seamlessly integrating anatomy and physiology into our discussions. *Throughout the 200-hour full program, consistent practice of these postures will be assigned as homework.

Learn The Postures

Master 50 essential postures/asanas in just 30 hours, building a strong foundation in Hatha Yoga practice.

Explore the safest and most commonly used asanas, equipping yourself with valuable insights into their benefits and modifications.

Expand Your Awareness

Gain in-depth knowledge of movement anatomy and physiology, empowering you to practice and teach with confidence and precision.

Develop a keen understanding of muscle engagement in each posture, enabling you to tailor instructions to individual needs effectively.

Learn To Teach

Create a safe and inclusive environment for all students, prioritizing their comfort and stability throughout every session.

Learn expert techniques for safe asana sequencing, seamlessly integrating anatomy and physiology discussions into your teachings.

Course Begins July, 2024