This 16 hour course is our celebration with Bhakti Yoga! We will explore the potential of sound through singing, chanting and silence. We will work with practical techniques which can be used in daily life. This workshop focusses on using music for health and well being.

Students learn to chant Sanskrit mantras. We discover the devotional approach of Bhakti yoga through reconnecting with our individual spirituality. We practice Kirtan with a selection of inter-spiritual chants/songs through call and response chanting. Students learn the value of being of service to others through yoga (seva).

Course Begins December, 2024

Give Peace a Chant

Celebrate with Bhakti Yoga through singing, chanting and silence. Practice Kirtan with a selection of interspiritual chants/songs on the Give Peace a Chant practice CD.

Give Peace a Chant 

GIVE PEACE A CHANT is a contemporary music collection of traditional Kirtan and songs written and arranged by Alana Grier. These sacred songs, or bhajans, are inter-spiritual, devotional songs, recorded in A-432 Hertz (Hz) tuning for its therapeutic properties.

Available on iTunes