For beginners or advanced practitioners who want to deepen or begin a meditation practice. Experience the stages of attention and the Inner limbs of Pratyahara (withdrawing the senses), Dharana (fixing the attention), Dhyana (sustained concentration) and Samadhi (deep absorption).


This 16 hour course covers an introduction to integrating mindfulness and meditation practices into our daily lives. This course is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Students are given a variety of tools to deepen their meditation practice.


We explore techniques and practices in meditation, a practice that involves focusing attention inwards. The focus of inward attention could be on a mantra, the breathing process, a vision, an emotion, an area of the body or an activity we are doing.

Students learn to address the specific needs of individuals and special populations when it comes to meditation, learn principles of practice by observing others teaching, spend at least 10 minutes each practice teaching.

Course Begins November, 2024