Peace of Mindfulness

The Peace of Mindfulness Course is a 12-week program designed to help participants achieve peace of mind and lead a more mindful life. With 60-minute Zoom classes, 24/7 online course content, and one-on-one coaching sessions, this course provides personalized instruction to meet each student's needs.

By participating in daily assignments, exercises, and videos, students will learn to enhance their awareness in both their personal and professional lives. 

The program includes three private coaching sessions, live group Zoom sessions, and access to the online community discussion forum and learning materials for one year after graduation.

Invest in your peace of mind today!

Course Begins August, 2024

Take control of your stress and join me for a 12-week journey to a happier, healthier you! Together, let's foster a habit of managing stress and empower ourselves to take charge of our thoughts, emotions, schedule, and problem-solving skills. With my 15 years of experience leading mindfulness groups, I'm eager to share my expertise and guide you through this program online. Don't let stress hold you back - join now and start your path to a life free from stress!


From satisfied Mindfulness group participents

“The Stress Reduction classes have definitely been the best benefits I have had in a long time. I am really thankful that we can have this opportunity to improve our health through exercise and meditation and besides to reduce our stress which seems to grow in our ever day life.”

“The program was extremely beneficial as it provided me with a number of coping strategies and mindfulness practices that now serve me as daily tools to reduce stress and to develop the ability to employ healthier approaches to both personal and professional challenges.”


Week 1: Mindfulness Awareness

Students will learn techniques to check in with their physical, mental, emotional and environmental state to cultivate presence in any situation.

Week 2: Presence & Self-Awareness

Students will develop healthy attitudes and gain a deeper understanding of their feelings and needs, enabling them to be more present in each moment.

Week 3: Stress Management

Students will recognize the symptoms of stress, identify personal stress triggers, and challenge their distorted thinking patterns. With this knowledge, they can better manage their stress and be mindful in their response to life stressors.

Week 4: Relaxation Techniques

Students will learn how to activate their relaxation response through breathing practices and other methods. This will empower them to take control of their body’s relaxation state and enhance their mindfulness.

Week 5: Mindful Habits

Students will learn to replace negative habits with positive ones, allowing them to use their energy wisely and improve their overall quality of life and health.

Week 6: Mindful Listening

In this week, students will develop their ability to listen empathetically and understand their own and others' feelings and needs. This skill will help resolve conflicts, both internal and external, and foster supportive relationships.

Week 7: Effective Communication

Students will learn to express their feelings effectively, leading to better communication and social intelligence. This will help build a supportive community that understands and meets their needs.

Week 8: Mindful Movement & Pain Management

Students will learn how to use movement, massage, and other techniques to manage pain and improve their quality of life.

Week 9: Navigating Change & Loss

Students will learn about grief and how to navigate loss mindfully. They will gain insights into how to cope with the emotional pain of loss and understand that grief is a natural part of the process.

Week 10: Forgiveness

Students will learn about the benefits and process of forgiveness, enabling them to let go of resentment and improve their relationships with themselves and others.

Week 11: Time Management & Life Planning

Students will explore their values, priorities, and goals and develop a mindful approach to time management. This will help them make a plan to accomplish their dreams and cultivate daily presence awareness.

Week 12: Gratitude Practice

Students will learn how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude through proven techniques. This will enable them to fully appreciate the everyday blessings in their lives and live in a state of mindfulness and gratitude.