RYT® 200 - Online Certification

Dhvani Yoga, 200-Hour Teacher Training Program

Now Available Online!

Starting July through December, 2024 we begin our live weekly zooms. Students can access class recordings and content in their own schedule.

Working one on one with your instructor via zoom, watching the course videos, and moving at your own pace with self guided exercises. This program is designed to deepen and personalize your Yoga practice by giving you a comprehensive overview of yoga.

Join an online community of yoga teachers loaded with resources and meaningful learning materials. Learn Basic Ayurvedic Principles.

This program provides interested students of Yoga and teachers of Yoga with a supportive space to individualize their practice and deepen their understanding of Yoga.


Alana Grier, E-RYT-500, Director PMY School Director

Alana brings over three decades of experience in Eastern Medicine, Meditation, and Yoga. As a seasoned practitioner and integrative health coach, Alana incorporates mindfulness and yoga into her teaching, fostering balance and healing. With a background in nursing and massage therapy, she infuses her classes with therapeutic wisdom. As a musician, Alana has a passion for Nada Yoga, utilizing sound and music for healing. As a mother of five, she understands the transformative power of Yoga and Mindfulness in navigating life's challenges. Through her Dhvani YTT program, Alana fulfills her dream of sharing the profound benefits of Yoga with others, guiding them toward harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Nisar Shaikh, E-RYT-500

Dr. Nisar, an Ayurvedic Doctor and Holistic Yoga Therapy Instructor, blends the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras and Ayurveda to promote holistic wellbeing. Teaching yoga daily in Pune since 2007, he brings extensive experience in prescribing Holistic Yoga Therapy at his Salil Stress Clinic and Ayurveda HealthPoint. With international teaching experience since 2016, Dr. Nisar has garnered acclaim for his genuine commitment to natural healthcare solutions. He champions a holistic approach, aiming to empower individuals worldwide through transformative learning experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Yes, you can opt to make monthly payments and cancel your payments if you choose to withdraw from the program.

My bundle includes coaching. How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing a bundle that includes coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.